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RoofArt offers a broad range of metal tiles. Umbrella metal tiles are manufactured by using the latest generation production line and are shaped by the same last generation production line, using swedish or korean steel, with a thickness ranging from 0.40 mm to 0.55 mm and a mat or glossy texture.

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RoofArt metal tile is a revolutionary product upgrading the metal tile standards to a new level. To view the models, sizes, colors and to estimate your project check the desktop version of the site.

Premium Standard Econom
Steel sheet country of origin Sweden, SSAB Sweden, SSAB South Coreea, Keo Sang
Steel sheet thickness 0,5 (0,55) mm 0,45 (0,47) mm 0,45 (0,47) mm
Zinc layer thickness 275 g/m² 275 g/m² 220 g/m²
Overlay GreenCoat Mica BT Matt Polyester Polyester
Primer the paint color the paint color white
Average lifespan 50 years 50 years 50 years
Warranty against corrosion 30 years 30 years 10 years
Warranty for color 20 years 10 years 7 years
  • Hidden fastening

    Umbrella metal tiles have a patented system of modules jointing, with no visible overlays and vertical screws. The two lateral drainage canals protect the roof from accidental water infiltrations and sweat deposit under the foil.

  • Swedish steel

    The metal tile Umbrella Premium is made of SSAB's swedish steel. The steel sheets are tested in Scandinavia's harsh climate and they possess all the advantages of a long lasting and resistant roof able to put up with a wide range of temperatures starting with -40°C until 100°C.

  • Panel combinations

    Umbrella metal tile modules have an embossement that provides a perfect overlay of the tile panels. The 3D cut offers a standardized look to the roof and provides the combination of small modules.

  • Appearance uniformity

    The perfect conjunction between the double modular metal tiles Umbrella and the half matte tint of the color guarantees a pleasant, unique and standardized look. Also thanks to SSAB's system of quality control the color tint doesn't differ from lot to lot.

  • Easy storing

    Due to its double modular system, Umbrella metal tile is easy to transport, install and handle. These characteristics make the tile always available in stock so it can be delivered right away.

  • Low risks

    The convenience of a smaller tile panel which leads to an easier storing also minimizes the risks of measurement and calculating errors, unintentional deformities during the mounting or replacement after a while.

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